Mommy Mundo #TeamMom Grand Giveaway

Motherhood brings different moms together. We share the same ups and downs, we empathize with other moms, and we have this sense of belonging and community. It’s no wonder then that every mom has a #TeamMom behind her, borne out of the same interests, hobbies, advocacies, challenges, or goals. Every mom has a #TeamMom cheering her on.

This year, Mommy Mundo wants to recognize and appreciate #TeamMoms all over the country with a grand giveaway, the biggest Mommy Mundo has ever had!



#TeamMom: The Pilates Moms

As Expo Mom celebrates its tenth year, the longest running event of its kind pays tribute to #TeamMoms that have served as a lifeline for mothers all over the Philippines. Here is one such group, initially brought together by social media but later on bonded by their commitment to lead healthier, happier lives.

It all started in Twitter. For one reason or another, mommy bloggers Chessy Alejandro, Jackie Go, Michelle Lim, and Cai Sio started “bumping” into each other in Twitterverse. One would reply to another’s question, or another would agree with one’s tweet.

“It was all so random,” Jackie recalls. “I can’t remember the exact topics but I’m pretty sure that they were about motherhood.”

When they started meeting each other at blogger events, they found so much more to talk about. More importantly, they found out that they really, really liked each other.

However, it would take an Instagram post to cement the friendship of the four moms.



Contest Alert: Let’s Go, #TeamMom!

It’s just not your day. You congratulated yourself last night for having the foresight to prepare the children’s baon for the next day. But as fate would have it, your alarm clock didn’t ring, causing everyone in the family to be late. Your laptop wouldn’t open because of some registry issues and oh, little kitty forgot to take a dump outside, leaving a string of poo in the kitchen.

What do you do? Do you fall down on your knees and cry? Do you raise your arms and curse the heavens? No! You sit down, grab your phone, and message your mommy group. In a matter of seconds, you are instantly relieved. You are advised that most of them had experienced just such a snafu, and well, they eventually all came out of it fine. You are reminded that there are a hundred other things to be grateful for, and that you need only to take one step at a time. Plus, if and when you come across another horrendous day, you know that your #TeamMom is there to catch you!


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