Expomom Online 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is ExpoMom 2021 Online?

ExpoMom 2021 Online is a 2-day conference (May 29-30, 2021) with special shopping deals hosted by Mommy Mundo in the online space.

Where will ExpoMom 2021 Online be held?

The 2-day conference on May 29-30 will air via a live stream on a private group on the Mommy Mundo Facebook Page

The special shopping deals will be on the Mommy Mundo Online Shop: https://www.mommymundo.com/shop


Why is the theme “Mindful Choices?”

Expo Mom: Mindful Choices, focuses on conscious consumption in every aspect of a mom’s life. In line with Mommy Mundo’s year long campaign, Mind Your Mind, the event invites moms to pause and reflect on their consumption habits, process the realizations that have come with the review and reflection of those habits, and then practice mindfulness in their consumption.

What is the schedule of activities of ExpoMom 2021 Online?

Sessions will be live on a private Facebook group during the specific time slots indicated in the program schedule (found on our landing page), giving moms and dads the choice on which sessions they want to watch.

Do I have to attend all the sessions during ExpoMom 2021 Online?

Not at all. You may choose which sessions in which you’d like to participate! Sessions will be available on the ExpoMom 2021 Online Facebook Group after the live time slot if you would like to rewatch or catch the discussion topic — but you will miss the interactive Q&A portion that only happens during the live session.

A session that I am interested in is scheduled at a time I cannot attend live, will I still be able to watch it?

Sessions will also be available on the ExpoMom 2021 Online Facebook Group after the live time slot if you would like to rewatch or catch the discussion topic — but you will miss the interactive Q&A portion that only happens during the live session.

When can I shop during ExpoMom 2021 Online?

Special shopping deals at ExpoMom 2021 Online are available all day from May 29 to June 4, 2021, while stocks last.

I live in another country, can I still attend ExpoMom 2021 Online?

Yes, anyone from any part of the world can attend the 2-day conference. 

I live in another country, can I still shop ExpoMom 2021 Online deals on the Mommy Mundo Online Shop?

Yes, but you will need to make special arrangements for international shipping. International shipping is also affected by pandemic restrictions.

How do I register as an attendee to ExpoMom 2021 Online?

Please purchase your tickets at this link: https://www.mommymundoshop.com/collections/expo-mom-online-tickets  

I am interested in being an exhibitor / vendor at ExpoMom 2021 Online, how do I go about this?

You may send an email to gladys@mommymundo.com.

I want to sponsor ExpoMom 2021 Online, who do I contact?

You may send an email to regina@mommymundo.com.

Can I invite my friends to the ExpoMom 2021 Online event platform?

Yes! Invite them to register so that they may watch with you on the Facebook Group!


What shipping methods are available on the Mommy Mundo Shop?
  • Standard Courier Shipping
  • Same-day Delivery App Booking


Is there a weight limit on purchases made on the Mommy Mundo Shop?

There is no weight limit but items above 20kg will need to be coordinated with gemma@mommymundo.com for special shipping arrangements.

What locations can Mommy Mundo ship to?
  • We can ship anywhere in the Philippines, provided there are no lockdowns in the area.
  • We can ship internationally to countries not banning shipments from the Philippines and dependent on courier availability. International shipping will be arranged specially for international buyers.
When will I receive the items I bought during ExpoMom 2021 Online?

Some brands will choose the option to have their items dropshipped. Arrival times may vary depending on the buyer’s location. Once payment has been confirmed, we will schedule shipment the next working day.

Limited brands will be stored in the MM storage facility and as mentioned, product/s purchased will be available on-hand for shipping one (1) working day after payment is made.

Perishable goods bought at ExpoMom 2021 will ship separately as they will be directly shipped by the seller (e.g. Mommy Treats & Milking Bombs must consider volume of orders and baking schedule).

PLEASE REMEMBER, to abide by the country’s COVID-19 precautions and protocols, it is necessary to disinfect all packages upon arrival.

DISCLAIMER: To manage expectations, please expect updates from the team with regard to delivery in case there are new protocols due to COVID-19.

I have a question that is not listed here, who can I contact for support?

You may send an email to hello@mommymundo.com.