#MomManifesto Activity #1

#MomManifesto Activity #1

The Mundo of a Mom: How do you spend your days?

Do you keep a list of the things you plan to do, and the things you are actually able to do? Do you wonder where the hours and minutes in your day actually go to? We have a million and one matters to attend to. Our laundry list of ‘to dos’ seems endless, so we need to check what and who are the actual influences we have at this stage in our lives.

Think of the usual content of your day, may it be regular routines or little details which usually creep up on your schedule. Which are the things that you are actually able to do? Think of the possible reasons for failing or not being able to start your projects. Recall also the most common activities or matters that you engage in during the usual workday. Check the activities that are relevant to you then plot them in your three-day weekday schedule.

Below are some examples, but you are free to add more according to your schedule and activities:

   q     Work hours    q     Sleep and rest
   q     Travel time    q     Social media and other media consumption
   q     Domestic Matters: Cooking, Home management, etc.    q     Fulfilling family obligations (time with own parents and in-laws)
   q     Personal time – prayer, exercise, etc.    q     Errands (bank, grocery, hunting for school stuff)
   q     Helping kids with homework/school work    q     Meals
   q     Date with husband/kids    q     Others (pls. Specify)

This may seem too technical, but only when you do an actual analysis of your time can you gauge where your time and energy goes. You can see if you are too much out of the home, or if you have too many balls to juggle.

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