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Give your child a better alternative to gadgets or watching TV by providing them with toys and materials that will provide them with overall development. These educational toys and tools from T-mato will engage them and allow them learn through repetition and fun. T-mato products will be at the My Reese’s PIeces booth at Expo Mom.

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Cycle’s Promo

Cycle’s Promo

These mommy essentials also on promo at Expo Mom!

20% off Cradle and Cycles

Free 250ml Cycles Sensitive Baby Lotion and Head to Toe Wash for min 1k purchase of discounted Cycles and Cradle products.


The Language of Food

The Language of Food

On Saturday 5pm, Expo Mom’s onstage segment is THE LANGUAGE OF FOOD featuring one of the country’s leading developmental pediatrician Dr. Francis Dimalanta and mom-cook Margarita Estrella Marty.  Here’s some info about what to look forward to in their portion:

When one walks into an appointment with a developmental pediatrician like Dr. Francis Dimalanta he will give you ground rules to help in the learning & behavior of a child. When listening to the ground rules all you hear are the do not, cannot or “bawal”.  Both the parents and the child leave the room saying “what can he/she eat now”.
Dr. Francis was not happy with his patients leaving unhappy. So he asked mom & cook Margarita Marty to come up with healthy food exchanges and recipes for the food that has been removed.  She has gone back to basic using fresh ingredients and cooking techniques she has come up with food and recipes to show that cooking healthy can also taste yummy.
Come to Expo Mom this Saturday and learn from Dr. Dimalanta and Marga!
Honey Suckle

Honey Suckle

In 2002, inventor Nossi Taheri created a reclosable breastmilk bag for Lansinoh®. The bag proved beneficial to an entire generation of new mothers, and was even hailed as the best milk storage bag in the industry.

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Best, that is, until recently.

In 2011, Taheri improved the design which is 100% tamper-evident, BPA-free, Oxo-biodegradable and recyclable. Since the first generation bag leaked more than the normal acceptable rate, he added wider side seals and redesigned the bottom by adding a ribbed gusset. New moms have overwhelmingly applauded the enhancements.

Having a good stock of breast milk ensures that the baby will not need alternative food even when the mom is away. HoneySuckle® Breastmilk Bags will allow mothers to store their precious milk properly so they can keep it safe for their baby until it is ready to be consumed.

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While no storage bag is 100% leak proof, HoneySuckle’s® industry leading design and strict quality control ensures you of a virtually leak proof experience, bag after bag after bag. They are the strongest and most economical breastmilk bag available!



Product Line:

  1. Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags – For moms who prefer to pump into a bottle first, the Honeysuckle® Storage Bag is the perfect container for storing and freezing breastmilk. Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags come pre-sterilized and meet the highest standards in breastmilk storage. They are virtually leak proof, recyclable, Oxo-biodegradable, BPA-free and tamper evident. A handy zip pouch allows one at a time dispensing.
  1. Honeysuckle Breastpump Storage Bags – For moms who prefer the convenience of pumping directly into a storage bag, the Honeysuckle Breast Pump Bag and Adapter make it easy. Simply slip the notches in the bag over the hooks on the adapter. No spills. No mess. No bottles to wash. Honeysuckle Breast Pump Bags come pre-sterilized and meet the highest standards in breastmilk storage. They are virtually leak proof, recyclable, Oxo-biodegradable, BPA-free and tamper evident. A handy zip pouch allows one at a time dispensing.
  1. Honeysuckle Adapters – The Honeysuckle Universal d’Adapter allows you to pump and bag breastmilk in one easy step. Simply slip the hooks on d’Adapter into the notches in our Breast Pump Bags. The other end of d’Adapter fits most breast pumps like Medela, Ameda and Unimom. Moms don’t have to worry about spillage, because no pouring is involved the pump bag is the storage bag. Honeysuckle d’Adapters are BPA-free and recyclable.
  1. Honeysuckle B’Free (Hands-Free Pumping Bandeau) –





Finally…Freedom while Pumping!


Imagine, hands-free pumping in complete comfort. It’s yours with Honeysuckle’s unique patent pending design. Be a multi-task master – free to take that call, text or write that email – all while pumping. And like all Honeysuckle products, the B’Free Pumping Bandeau is made with only Moms in mind.

  • Mom tested for softness and comfort
  • Busy Moms can multi-task and pump at the same time
  • Unique patent pending design accommodates virtually all breast sizes
  • Fits all pump shields
  • Keeps pumps securely attached with its aperture-style opening unlike other with only slits/holes to hold the pump
  • Fits over any nursing bra or can be worn by itself
  • Removable straps offer additional support when needed