We share with you our vision for EXPO MOM.

Expo Mom is the most memorable mom-focused event happening since 2008. It is the definitive source of parenting-related trends, revelations and information. All day talks and interactive activities at EXPO MOM

It will be the origin of fresh finds of modern mommy products and services. Interactive Exhibit and Special Sale at EXPO MOM

It will be the venue for exciting mommy-targeted campaigns and advocacies. Consumer brands showcase their own dynamic marketing campaigns. Non-profit groups encourage moms to stand up for causes they believe in. Side by side at EXPO MOM.

It will be the launch pad for new baby-inspired and mompreneur-initiated ventures. Special section dedicated to Mompreneur ventures at EXPO MOM

It will be the pot where the latest childcare principles and concepts germinate and is then shared and applied. Certified and trained experts share new parenting philosophies and tips at EXPO MOM.

Expo Mom will be the seed and the heart of a community of active, young and modern mothers who are passionate about life, their children, their families, their womanhood..

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