And the winners are….

We loved reading all the entries about how our fellow mommies spend their days, but still, we have to choose 5 entries to win special prizes from Expo Mom Sponsors!  And the winners are…

  • Bettina del Rosario, a differently-abled, single mom working hard for her son;
  • Bunny, a working mom balancing night shifts in her call center job with her life as an active mother;
  • Ria, a stay at home mom “living life to the fullest”;
  • Sexymom, a mom in her 50s raising 7 kids, striving for balance;
  • Elle Tan,  a nursing mom dealing with challenges most of us face or have faced, whose poem about her day caught our attention;

CONGRATULATIONS, Mommies!  We will see you at Expo Mom when you claim your prizes! (Kindly text us at 09189300313 so we know how to get in touch with you:-) )

We thank everyone who joined our contest for taking the time to write. From their words, we not only had a sneak peek into their lives, but we also shared and connected with them because their stories resonate with our own personal experiences.  Our days can be hectic, busy, and crazy, yet, the fulfillment and joy we get from being a mom is truly unmatched. And this is exactly what are celebrating this weekend at EXPO MOM! It truly is amazing to be a mother!  

Bettina, Bunny, Ria and Sexymom’s entries can be found on this page.  We would like to end this entry with Elle Tan’s inspired poem:

What’s a day in my life like?

delivered a newborn. our first and a girl.

babies are supposed to be bundles of joy,

but here i am, gave up my job and stuck at home.

my day is filled with doing nothing but

breastfeeding, rocking, and changing diapers.

breast milk all over the place,

arms feel like falling off and wrists succumbing to tendinitis.

i get pee’d in the face and poop on the crib.

over and over and over again.

but when my precious one looks at me and smiles……

babies *ARE* a bundle of joy!

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