Expo Mom featured exhibitor: Antz Pocket


Antz Pocket offers handmade products that encourages creative play and stimulates one’s imagination. Their products are designed to help every kid actively learn while playing.


Design your own bag with the Antz Pocket’s customized bag pack with free letter cut-outs and designs. This customized bag ranges from Php 350-500.


Learn how to spell and create words with the ABC pillows (Set of 2  pillows).

A mom shares a photo of her daughter playing with the Antz Pocket alphabets.



Antz Pocket has a new collection called The Moody Dolls. The collection features different kind of moods- ranging from happy, sad, surprised, grumpy, ashamed, shy, silly, and a lot of different expressions. These moody dolls are very useful for the kids who can’t openly express their emotions. It really helps them to practice the loco-motor skills by tying up the bow, pressing and pulling the pins, fixing the buttons, and through mixing and matching colors.


 Visit the Antz Pocket at Expo Mom booth number 39. Click here for the floorplan.

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