Expo Mom featured exhibitor: Buggy & Lishy

Buggy & Lishy offers stylish yet multi-functional items that can be used as your baby grows. Check out their booth here at Expo Mom 2013 to find cute, fun and quirky printed pouches and accessories that we will surely love to have.


Diaper Clutch

Diaper Clutch

The Buggy and Lishy Diaper clutch offers a handy way to travel without the big and bulky diaper bag. It has 3 compartments that can comfortably fit all of mommy and baby’s needs. It has additional hooks that can be used to transform the clutch into a caddy for toddler stuff.  It can be used as a toiletry bag when your family goes out of town, or fill it up with small books and toys to keep the kids busy while on long car rides.

Baby Blankets

These adorable blankets can be used as a receiving blanket for newborns or as a stroller blanket for babies and toddlers. It is a reversible blanket with printed cotton material on one side and a cotton flannel fabric on the other.

Pillows and Bolster Cases

Together with the Buggy & Lishy baby blankets, these pillow and bolster cases will complete baby’s bedroom.

Multi-purpose Tote

This washable, multi-purpose tote bag is a perfect accessory for summer and can even be used to carry groceries! Definitely stylish and eco-friendly at the same time!

Visit the Buggy& Lishy at Expo Mom booth number 8. Click here for the floor plan.

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