Expo Mom featured exhibitor: Mighty Mind

Want to help your kids develop their thinking skills while keeping them busy this summer? Mighty Mind is a great tool for this!

Mighty Mind is a learning toy that kids will love playing with. And we all know how combining fun and learning is important, especially for kids of young ages:) Here are some of Mighty Minds’ product offerings:


Aquarium Adventure 

Aquarium Adventure brings a new dimension of fun and exploration to stimulate a child’s imagination. A child builds a variety of colorful underwater scenes that develop the important and necessary skills every child needs. It keeps kids busy for hours!



Encourage and entice your child to think, build complex designs, and solve puzzles without assistance. With its 32 colorful design shapes & neatly contained in a storage tray with numbered programmed puzzle cards is perfect for your child for learning and building confidence.  It was also cited as the winner of Parents’ Choice Honour Toy by child development experts.

Super Challenger


Provides twice as many MightyMind Design Tiles (shapes) so two children can play independently for hours! Combines MightyMind® Challenger patterns, the advanced SuperMind® Design Book patterns and SuperMind’s® Big Idea Book. Takes children on a step by step journey through all of the logic building, mind expanding routes that MightyMind had introduced them to originally.



This sequel to MightyMind stimulates a child to explore and discover the fascinating way simple shapes can be combined to form intricate delightful pictures and designs. Has 32 colorful design tiles, neatly contained in a storage tray with numbered advanced programmed cards. Builds important skills and confidence.


Visit the Mighty Mind at Expo Mom booth number 12. Click here for the floor plan.

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