Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Paquet de Joei


Paquet de Joei/Mamaway offers a wide variety of stylish collection of clothing consisting of pretty refreshing colors for summer and simple yet elegant pieces for the rainy days. They always select the best fabric, super soft, and toxic free clothes not just for the comfort of the mothers, but for their precious babies as well.
One thing that sets them apart from all the other different maternity clothes, is the fact that its clothing line allows moms to nurse comfortably and still feel stylish.


The Maternity Jeans

The Maternity Jeans is designed to extend the life span of your clothes to any stage of pregnancy.  This Maternity Jeans is a great value for all moms and expectant moms.



Baby Sling

The goal of this baby sling is not only use it as a baby carrier but also to provide a safe and strain-free feeling for moms.

Paquet de Joei will be giving 10% discount for Maternity Botttoms and Mamaway Slings.


Visit Paquet de Joei at Expo Mom booth number 17. Click here for the floor plan.

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