Expo Mom features Exhibitor: BORN BABY STUFF


Did somebody say cool baby stuff? Look no further, Born Baby Stuff is the answer. Born Baby Stuff will be joining Expo Mom 2013 where you can get cool baby stuff.


It is very stressful for parents looking and trying different options for the best bottle and nipple complement for their babies. In Born Baby Stuff, you will find bottles as the best complement for breastfeeding as it prevents nipple confusion and breastfeeding rejection. They provide safe, convenient, and high quality baby products for both parents and babies.


Chic ‘o’ Bello diaper bag

Chic ‘o’ Bello is not what you think as a normal diaper bag.  It is loaded with convenient, functional, and safe accessories that moms would really love. More than that, it can be easily converted into a stylish bag anytime.



Oogaa Mealtime Set

Oogaa Mealtime Set is made of soft and BPA-free silicone that is safe for babies during meal time. Its innovative design makes feeding fun!


Baby Bottle Buddy

Make your baby happy and relax with this Baby Bottle Buddy. It has a cute and adorable design that you babies will surely love. Baby Bottle Buddy also has a 3-in-1 function as a bottle holder, teether and a plush toy


Snug-a- Hug pillow

Snug-a- Hug pillow is a perfect body pillow for maternity, post-op and everyday pillow. It has a lot of pillow function and use for support in different parts of your body.


Visit Born Baby Stuff at Expo Mom booth number 54. Click here for the floor plan.


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