A virtual tour of Expo Mom 2011

See you tomorrow at Expo Mom 2011 mommies! Here’s a virtual tour of Expo Mom so you know what to expect tomorrow:

1) Come to the Rockwell Tent and enter through the new extension tent near the garden (across the mall entrance of Power Plant Mall where Zara is). Gates open at 10am (and we close at 8pm).

2) Register at the entrance and pay the entrance fee of 25 pesos only. 100% of our registration proceeds will go to our MomShare! project- to put together back to school kits for public school kids in Quezon City. By the way, kids 12 years old and below get in for free:)

3) If you’re an early bird, you’ll get a free MOMMY MUNDO TOTE BAG with some mommy goodies inside!

the limited edition Mommy Mundo 2011 tote bag, get it free at Expo Mom

3) At the registration area you will find the following stations:

*MOMMY MUNDO PRIVILEGE PASSPORT – sign up for your Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport for only 75 pesos for a 2 year validity period. The Mommy Mundo Passport will give you discounts to retail shops and online stores, plus free entrance to Mommy Mundo events so if you avail of this card you will not have to pay the reg fee to Expo Mom:).

*MOMSHARE Booth – You might want to contrtibute a bit more to our MomShare! project by donating your new or used school supplies and books, art materials, school bags and uniforms. We will also be accepting donations here, and if you’d like to help us when we pack and distribute the kits to our beneficiary, you and your kids can sign up in our volunteer sheet!:)

4) In this first tent, you will also find:

*Our media partners booths- featuring your fave mommy magazines!
*Healthy snack booths- Muesli Granola bars, Soyami soy chips, Hayuan vegetable rolls
*Mommy Resources- Homeschooling Association of the Philippines (HAPI), The Breastfeeding Club,
Happy Even After (for solo parents)
*Mommy Portrait Corner by Digiprint (get your free Mom’s day photo here. SMILE!)

5) A few steps down you will enter the main Rockwell Tent. This is where the stage area will be. All day talks and activities are scheduled for you and your family. The official Expo Mom program sched is here.

6) Beside the stage area are our sponsor’s booths- they have so many treats and activities planned for you so make sure to visit each one.

7) At the foyer area, you’ll find Expo Mom’s mom and baby lounge – a cozy zone for nursing moms and babies who need their nappies changed:)

8) Now it’s time to go through the Expo Mom trade booths and exhibit- we have 74 exhibitors and vendors showcasing the latest mommy finds, your fave brands, latest creations– all for you, mommies! Take your time and visit each booth, talk to our mompreneur vendors and sponsors who are all there to help service your needs and wants:) Browse, shop, discover, learn, collect their contact info so you know how to reach them even after Expo Mom is over:) To check out the list of Expo Mom exhibitors, click here.

9) If you’d like to make your purchases via credit card, Expo Mom has a credit card booth- just tell the exhibitor that you wish to charge your purchase and they will assist you.

10) We’ve got activities for kids too! Bring them to our kids area right outside the foyer (past the Mom & Baby lounge) and keep them entertained and busy. There we have kids crafts activities from Partezeit- they get to make a bracelet in the beading booth, or if your kids are the active type, they can go jump around in the inflatable provided by Fun Ranch.

And that is the EXPO MOM experience! Hope to see you tomorrow as we have an advance celebration of Mother’s Day!

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  1. Looks like a fun and exciting day! Love the bag too! But I’m afraid I can’t be there early because my son has swim school in the afternoon. But we’ll try to catch up! Congratulations and best wishes to the Mommy Mundo team! 🙂

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