#MomManifesto Activity #4

My Interest and Goals: Where do you want to go?

As we juggle our laundry list of to-dos and the million and one things creeping up regarding our children, our spouse, our family life, and our home, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves as individuals. Yes, we are mothers forever, but in time, our children will have lives of their own, giving us time to pursue personal interests.

When that time comes, who will you be? What is the identity that you have built for yourself?

Look closely at yourself. Despite Your busy schedule, do you keep a career that you can call your own? Do you have a special interest that puts you on a ‘play’ zone? Do you pursue hobbies and special interests to give you a sense of balance and well-being in the midst of your motherhood duties? Are all your interests and pursuits connected to your goals and what you really want in life?

Recognizing the YOU, the person of the mom, is very important. The seeds you are planting today will help build your identity and well-being.

While motherhood is a big part of your life, it is not actually life itself.

When your children have grown, you will find yourself in the throes of midlife, on what you have made of yourself apart from being a mother. It does not merely mean that you are a success at work and at home, what’s important is that you have used your talents and abilities well and that you have fulfilled your life mission.


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