Moms, bring along your partners-in-parenting to….

EXPO DAD! Our first-ever event for daddies. It’s been a different experience, really. Figuring out what fathers would want to see and experience at their very own expo. There was a lot of brainstorming, debating, deliberating and observing that went on as we planned for this special event. Definitely, we want to reflect most fathers’ interests such as sports and fitness.  Some daddies told us they have been wanting their own shopping event (because most bazaars really just cater to the ladies).  And still we wanted this to be a venue to celebrate fatherhood- that is, daddy’s version of babycare, parenting, bonding with kids, family experiences, etc. So we hope you will find time in your busy weekend schedules and check out our event for the men of the house: EXPO DAD! We are truly excited to see all of you there.


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