The end of Mom’s busy week! What’s YOUR day like?

teaser3Hope some of you were able to relate to our mom’s busy week?  Now we’d like to ask you:  


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28 thoughts on “The end of Mom’s busy week! What’s YOUR day like?”

  1. A day in my life is like “living a dream”. A dream of being a Stay At Home Mom, taking god care of my kids 24/7. Blessed by a loving and responsible husband, who is a good provider to his family.

    I just love being a MOTHER.

  2. well…a career wowan during day then transform into yaya when I get home. I make sure that when I get home, Im the one in charge of taking good care of my 3yr old daughter…that the only time I get to bond with her aside of course during weekends.

  3. Shiela Anne Paler

    A busy bee mom, is a day in my life like… A single Mom, who strives hard to be a good provider to my 3y/o daughter. I love her so much.
    And Im so thankful to the Lord for the blessing He has showered to us, despite of the difficulties.

  4. I am a full time working mom so my happy life starts on Friday – right after work. I rushed home, not minding the heavy traffic of EDSA, buying pasulubong for my kids at a nearby sari-sari store and thinking of a great activity to spend on the weekend with my family. I love it when I finally reach home, opening the front door and seeing the wide smiles of my kids and greeting me with hugs and kisses. My husband finally arrives with a good popcorn movie to watch after dinner. Dinner is essential to us. That where we can talk about what was happening during the day – also, that’s the time my kids ask where to go on weekend.

    On Saturdays, we usually wake up early to stroll along the fort area where there are bearly cars passes by. Along with my hubby, my 6 m.o son, 8 & 3 y.o daughters and our pug – mushu, we walk with energy and do some excersise. Sometimes we go out to the zoo or mall and ended up playung at time zone. We end our Saturday with super family fun and bonding.

    On Sundays, we go to church and have a BBQ or Spaghetti lunch. After that, we spend the whole day at the house talking, playing – and more bonding with my hubby (when the kids are having their afternoon nap).
    Sometimes, we sneak out to date – just like old times : )

    I wish everyday is a weekend. But I am still greatful I still have time for myself and with the kids. Everytime I see my family’s happy faces – it makes me feel happy and proud being a mom!

    Kathleen, Proud Wife and Mother
    Kids: Nathalie (8 yo), Tricia (3 yo), Justine (6 mo) & hubby Jumar

    1. Thanks Toni, Bettina, Kathleen, Shiela, Suzanne and Shella for being our early birds in our EXPO MOM: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A MOM Contest. Your answers are so inspiring.

      Keep em coming, mommies!:-)

  5. Being a half-paralyzed single mom posts many challenges for me but my 9 year old son is the sweetest, helpful, and caring person that a our daily routine has been perfected to a T! My son is taking Digital Photography this summer and plays tennis all year round. Switching from 6 years of football. I am a WAHM (Work-At-Home)/ Stay-At-Home and practically runs the family household. From taking my son to his tennis lessons while I go horseback riding, doing the grocery together, cooking or baking together, planning menus at home, and everything else. At the same time being a reseller/marketing assistant, filling out orders and shipping out orders for INDIGO Baby. The occasional food orders as well. Once a month, I volunteer for our Barangay’s Recyclers Fair/market helping out with the recyclables. Once a month too, when I have time, I attend PWD (Person’s With Disabilities) meetings and catch up with the latest with what our city hall offers, like free movies (for Makati only), and other freebies. Also to get the latest laws regarding the disabled sector.

    DISABILITY DOES NOT MEAN INABILITY has been my motto for almost 10 years. It has been a roller coaster ride but what is life without those challenges? My son has been my greatest inspiration with my family and friends always by my side. I truly believe that God will not give us anything we cannot handle.

    What is a DAY like in our life?? A gift, a blessing, and something to look forward to the next day.

    *for more info please visit

  6. Alarm buzzes. Snooze button is pressed. And then the baby kicks. No choice but to get up and do my 3rd walk to the bathroom to pee. Really, who needs an alarm when you’ve got a baby kicking at a full bladder to wake you up?

    Back to bed. Try to grab some zzz’s. Baby nudges in my belly. Ah, it’s time for breakfast! The baby calms down and so do I. The daily wardrobe dilemma comes as the shirt that seemed to fit yesterday no longer fits today. Oh, my growing baby. And then we’re off to work. Husby kisses my tummy bye-bye as we part ways for the day.

    At the office, baby nudges when it’s time to take a nap. Baby nudges when it’s time to eat. Throughout the day, we communicate. He in morse code, me in songs, caresses and whispers. Baby nudges when it’s time to rest. I pack up my things, kiss Husby good evening as he opens the car door for me and my boy, and grab some dinner.

    It’s time for bed and the night’s challenge begins. I position my body in a comfortable way, careful not put strain on my back and the baby. After a few twists and turns, baby and I are peace — a folded blanket wedged under my big belly as I lie on my left side. Husby kisses me and my belly good night. The baby snoozes away.

    And then every two hours or so, little nudges tell me to get up and pee. And so I do. Back in bed, sweet dreams come as I cradle my belly in my hands, the folded blanket wedged again under my belly, my Husby soothing me back to sleep.

    The alarm buzzes. Snooze button is pressed. And then the baby kicks. It’s time to get up again! This baby in my belly sure rules my day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  8. Happy days are here. My husband and I set two alarms one for him and one for me , When he wakes up he’ll wake me up with cuddles, it’s so hard to pull myself out of bed. Yes, a day in my life is waking up early, preparing breakfast and “baon” for my husband and son, eat breakfast together while chatting and updating each other, a morning bonding for the three of us everyday, after that a kiss from my husband and son as they both head out the door, then I start doing household chores, I listen to music and sing along while I do other things that I need to do, I usually have a geat productive day, typical, the usual task of a stay at home mom but I am enjoying it, the first time I’ve done things like this since I resigned from my job. I have a lunch date with my son everyday, my whole day is with him. At night when my husband arrives, dinner is ready, we eat our dinner together chat and update each other again, talking mostly about everything, our plans, the things we want to do and etc. Before going to bed I take a shower, have my bubble bath and relax.

  9. Happy days are here. My husband and I set two alarms one for him and one for me , When he wakes up he’ll wake me up with cuddles, it’s so hard to pull myself out of bed. Yes, a day in my life is waking up early, preparing breakfast and “baon” for my husband and son, eat breakfast together while chatting and updating each other, a morning bonding for the three of us everyday, after that a kiss from my husband and son as they both head out the door, then I start doing household chores, I listen to music and sing along while I do other things that I need to do, I usually have a geat productive day, typical, the usual task of a stay at home mom but I am enjoying it, the first time I’ve done things like this since I resigned from my job. I have a lunch date with my son everyday, my whole day is with him. At night when my husband arrives, dinner is ready, we eat our dinner together chat and update each other again, talking mostly about everything, our plans, the things we want to do and etc. Before going to bed I take a shower, have my bubble bath and relax.

  10. Happy days are here. My husband and I set two alarms, one for him and one for me. When he wakes up, he’ll wake me up with cuddles, it’s so hard to pull myself out of bed. Yes, a day in my life starts waking up early preparing breakfast and “baon” for my husband and son, eat breakfast together while chatting and updating each other, reading newspaper while sipping my cup of green tea, a morning bonding for the three of us everyday, after that a kiss from my husband and son as they both head out the door, then I start doing my household chores, I listen to music and sing along while I do other things that I need to do. I usually have a great productive day, typical day, the usual task of a stay-at-home mom but I’m enjoying it, the first time I’ve done things like this, since I quit my job. I have a lunch date with my son everyday, my whole day is with him. At night when my husband arrives, dinner is ready, we eat our dinner together, chat and update each other again, talking mostly about everything, our plans, the things we want to do and etc. Before going to bed I take a shower, have my bubble bath and relax.

  11. I would like to add… have I told you I’m a full time working mom? My typical working day starts with great big yawn, soft peck on hubby’s cheeks and checking my kids – and our dogs, mushu and kenai, if they’re awake. Usually the maids do the cooking and we just sit on our breakfast table and eat. After doing my morning rituals, I give my hugs and kisses to my kids and reminding the yaya to give constant care to them. I leave the house with my husband and drop him off to work as I continue my way to my office – the airport.

    Answering calls, checking, reading and replying emails, constant meetings etc… sometimes I get dizzy solving, writing, editing – arggghh! But then again, I enjoy my job as a customer relations & marketing assistant. My pc has a folder full of family pictures and sneaking to see those pictures makes me miss my kids – and that inspires me to work more 🙂

    We’re only 5 females in a workforce of 20. All of us are moms of different generations. Usually we talk about our kids, family etc over lunch. Everyday, I learned something new from them.

    I also see to it that I call the house every now and then to check if everything is ok at home. I even text my husband to check the kids too.

    by 3 PM, I check if I haven’t missed a deadline then I start working on new task which I can finish before 4:30. By 5pm, I start packing up my things, shutting off my pc and leave the office. What I hate is the heavy traffic along EDSA which delays my trip going back home. How I really miss my family!

    I arrive home at 7PM… exactly dinner time (have I told you dinner is very essencial to us?) tired and exhaused but I still find time to talk to my kids, play with my 6 month old and bond with hubby.

    Then, I begin to count – I wish it’s FRIDAY! That’s when the real fun begins! AWWW!

  12. I am single mom who’s now working at home as a virtual assistant, freelance writer, and blogger after years of working as a corporate slave. My day usually starts between 11 am to 12 noon. That is when I wake up. After having lunch with my daughter (fortunately I live with my mom and siblings who help me take care of her), I work on my writing assignments for a few hours. Then I spend an hour or so bonding with my daughter. Its either we go to the supermarket, which she loves, or we watch some of our favorite DVDs together. We also go to the village park sometimes or just dance around the room.

    I try to take a short nap before my shift starts at 9pm but usually I can’t. So i really make it a point to nap during my break time at 1 am. By 6am, my shift ends and I’m free to work on other pending writing tasks for an hour or so. Sometimes I wake my daughter up and we’d have breakfast at the nearest Jollibee. Often times, though, I just crawl in bed with her and wait until my daughter wakes me up for lunch.

    On weekends, I make it a point to spend quality time with my daughter. As my budget permits, either I take her to the mall or to Laguna Hot Springs. If I’m really on a tight budget, then we’d watch videos on Youtube, play games in, or check out some education web sites. Once in a while I go out with friends for some much-deserved me time.

  13. I’m a full time working mom and to make things more difficult, I work the night shift.

    I start work at midnight and get off at around 9am(if I’m lucky). Usually home by 10. When I’m not too tired, I make lunch for my 2-year-old son and my hubby whose work starts at noon.

    After lunch is playtime with my son and then he we both go to sleep. He typically takes a 2 or 3-hour nap while I try to sleep for 4-5hours. It’s very very important to me that we have dinner together so I’m up by 5pm. Sometimes, I make dinner but when I still feel groggy, I leave the cooking to our very reliable helper.

    We watch a little tv after dinner then I get him ready for bed. We usually sing songs with actions (“itsy bitsy spider” and “i have 2 hands” is his favorite) or read books (he loves sesame street).

    We’re both asleep by 9pm but I wake 2 hours later to get ready for work.

    Our weekends are spent at the grocery (he loves riding the cart, haha!) or at his grandparents’ house for fun times with the family.

    Albeit sometimes exhausting, being a mother is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s changed my life and my lifestyle in ways I never imagined and I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world!

  14. Im a SAHM, Stay-At-Home-Mom. A full time, hands-on, breastfeeding mommy to a 2 1/2 toddler boy, named Quillan at the same time a hands-on wife and home maker to Cris.

    Ever since we moved to a new room in the house, my son’s wake up time changed from before lunch time to as early as 7am. From then on, my task in the house such as cooking, laundry, cleaning are all lined up. After feeding him, we would play a little then I’ll queue his favorite DVDs, to keep him busy watching or listening while playing alone. I do this so I can finish my lined up activities without disturbance.

    After having lunch, we will share a bath, another bonding moment for us. I’ll breastfeed him to bring him to an afternoon nap. Then I can continue with my tasks. Just in time for his snack I will be finished by then. We would go out to the subdivision to play with our neighbor kids of his age. Or sometimes we will go to mall and stroll around.

    Sometimes, I do the laundry once every 2 weeks…that will consume me the whole day to wash. Surprisingly, while resting…my son will approach me and kisses and hugs me and would tell how he loves me. Such a priceless reward, isnt it?

    Sometime, when I get to be invited to Mommy-Baby events, we join and this is my breathing time away from home. Or when the budget allows, we would go out-of town.

    At night, when I still have extra energy we would join Daddy Cris with his billiard tourneys. Sometimes we do this during weekends. If not, we just stay at home, watch movies or browse on the internet, chat with mommy friends in YM or multiply until we all get sleepy.

    Getting ready to bed at 10pm. Say our prayers and optimistically, looking forward to the day to come.

  15. I wake up even when I still don’t want to. And I wake my toddler up who usually isn’t yet ready to do so. I engage him to eat enough breakfast, sometimes resorting to dancing and singing just so he’d open his mouth and be distracted enough to chew.
    I then prepare him for his swimming class, making sure he has pooped and has sun block on.

    We go to his class and I go wear a bathing suit that exposes all my flab, and a swimming cap that makes me think of cancer patients every time I put it on. Then I try not to drown with my son’s splashing while making sure he doesn’t slip out of my arms. I sing and dance with the instructor and encourage and praise my son at every turn. It’s important that he knows he can trust me, and in extension, the water. I swell with pride at every new thing he learns and silently say a prayer of thanks, that he’s a brave and confident boy and that we had the means to give him this.

    We go home and I feed him again. Then I breastfeed him to sleep. Sometimes, I’d sneak lunch and computer time while he sleeps.

    We read a lot. We look at the pictures and I let him babble to me what he sees. I also try to learn a new sign language each day to teach him so that we can communicate all the more without the pressure of him having to verbalize.

    We play all day. He insists on a playmate and buddy, even when he’s just watching his instructional videos. Sometimes, this annoys me very much but 90% of the time, I go take his outstretched hand and let him lead me where he wants me to sit (or dance). Right now, he loves being carried to shoot baskets. It’s hard because he’s heavy but I grit my teeth and just tell myself it is exercise.

    I say a hundred “NO’s” and “Cannot” each day. I also miss several heartbeats each time my son stands on bike seats and jumps from tables. In fairness to me, I also clap at least ten times each day over something he did, and hug and kiss my son every thirty minutes at least. Plus, I know I also say “Very good” and “Thank you” as much as I say “No”.

    The days of a stay-at-home Mom rise and set just attending to a child. Everyday is a struggle for me to be an intentional, sensitive, and loving parent. I have a lot of good days and I have a lot of bad. I sometimes beat myself up, I sometimes just shrug things off. I usually love what I’m doing, but I also have times when I wonder if it was a wise decision to have given up my career, and with it, a lot of ME time. And there are a lot of things I didn’t know and thought I couldn’t do, but I learned to do them anyway. Like making up songs for everything. And dancing for a child even when everybody can be watching. And finding value in not earning, not being around adults, not eating and sleeping on time, and sometimes, even in not bathing.

    Still, everyday ends with me feeling privileged. Not all moms watch their kids blossom. Not all moms are there with their child as they do and experience their firsts. So I continue playing and singing and laughing and stumbling and learning about discipline with my son. But the important thing has never been what we do, but that I was with him when we do it.

  16. I dreamt of having a not so perfect life.. Until I got married years ago (not so long..) and have such wondeful and healthy kids. I’m so blessed with a faithful husband, whose been working as an OFW…

    I’m a Stay at Home Mom, No yaya/driver… I do everything. A day is full of sadness/ happiness. But in totality, I can say that I’m happy with my career.

  17. being a stay at home mom, my day starts and ends with the kids. having a 5 year old and a 2 year old in the house means i must have lots of energy to play with them, provide sufficient care, teach them values and supervise them. of course it also includes arguing with them and explaining things with them. my day is pretty hectic but its very fulfilling. financially, we are a bit tight but i wouldnt want any other life than what i have now.

  18. My day starts with my little boy trying to climb over me. He wakes me up since he refuses to sleep in his play pen. I hand him over to his yaya so that I can pump what he didn’t finish breastfeeding the night before. Then I have breakfast, go to the gym and shower. I have lunch with the hubby at home then take care of the little guy all afternoon. Then I supervise the preparation of dinner and have dinner with the hubby while yaya once again takes care of the little guy. After dinner it’s time for our bedtime routine of reading a book, some breastfeeding then sleepy time for the little guy.

  19. Carolyn P. Echavez

    “What’s a day in your life like?”

    I used to be a working mom. My day then usually starts with me waking up at around 5 in the morning preparing breakfast for my husband and I, as well as my baby’s things for when I leave her with either my mother or mother-in-law, after which I would then fix myself to go to work. After work I would go home directly so I can play with my daughter for a while before I prepare dinner. On weekends I would do the laundry and all the other chores at home that needs to be done. Sunday is when my husband and I with our daughter take time off to have some family time either going to the mall or visiting my family. But after resigning from work which I chose to be able to take care of my baby full-time, all my time now, the one that used to eat up my work is now devoted fully to my 1 1/2 year old daughter, Mackenzie. I still do wake up early to fix breakfast and baon for my husband so he won’t need to spend for lunch as to help save a little money as I do not work anymore. And at night what i do is just enjoy watching my husband and daughter play around while I watch tv shows at the same time. I’m so proud as well to say that I was able to teach my daughter a good sleeping habit, she sleeps at around 7 or usually 8 in the evening unlike other moms who have difficulty putting their children to bed. And when my daughter sleeps that’s when my husband get a little time for ourselves.

  20. Before I got married, I imagined myself staying home, attending to my husband and bringing up the kids with enough time for pampering myself every so often.

    Six years later, I’m right where I want to be. I’m a stay-at-home mom to two boys, one is a two and a half year old and the other is a nine month old. My husband is a wonderful provider who supports me in whatever endeavor I pursue. And I cannot thank him enough.

    Our day is never predictable. We wake up to our sons’ movements on the bed, whatever time they feel like waking up. Breakfast is given one by one, followed by a morning bath and play or activity time. Activity time could be reading through books, writing, identifying letters, singing, watching kiddie videos or tinkering with their toys. For our nine-month old, a morning nap usually follows till lunchtime.

    After having their lunch, the boys have their naptime, but there are days that they don’t feel like it at all. When they do take an afternoon nap, which may last from an hour to two hours, they wake up after and have a few snacks while playing or continuing with their kiddie activities.

    Dinner time for them comes at around 6:30PM and they are fed one after the other. A nightly bath follows just before they get ready to sleep. And my “mommy time” follows after. “Mommy time” can be anywhere from surfing the net, reading the newspapers, fixing the house, answering crossword puzzles or watching TV with my hubby.

    Am I the perfect wife and mom? No. Are my children perfect? No. Is it a perfect life? No. But I embrace the life we have and we live it to the fullest!

  21. Being an obstetrician-gynecologist in training, I used to have a VERY busy schedule. That was until I found out I was pregnant, then my life changed dramatically. From a hectic schedule, I was forced to go on complete bed rest.

    This is my third pregnancy. Ive had 2 prior miscarriages, and have been diagnosed with a reproductive immune disorder. The irony of life. I’ve delivered hundreds of babies, yet I couldn’t even bring a child into this world. My body was fighting the pregnancy. With the multitude of tests, blood extractions, daily injections and immunotherapy, I felt like a pin cushion. We exhausted all means possible just to keep this baby alive.

    ‘Im now on my seventh month, and things are going smoothly. I’m still on complete bed rest. Sometimes, I ask myself. What have I accomplished today? Then I look at my growing belly and I know the answer.

  22. What’s a Day (and Night) in the Life of a Mom of 7?

    Raising 7 children is no joke–one has to be a supermom to have the tenacity and strength to lead them through each day. But I am no supermom. I am just a simple mom–one, who 2-1/2 years ago decided to give up a luxurious career that not only paid well but had a lot of perks that anyone will envy (jet setting 1/3 of the time for 15 years, living in 5-star hotels for 6 months at most, rubbing elbows with high government officials all over Asia, as part of the work in an international development bank headquartered in Manila). I wanted to “be home” and to shift from a part time virtual parent to a full time face-to-face real life parent. Not that being a virtual parent, like our very dear OFWs, is not a good thing. We all know that a lot of parents have to sacrifice, all for the sake of their dear ones.

    I am lucky I have the choice; not all parents have this option. So what’s a day (and night) is in the life of a mom of 7?

    Six children stay with me at home, 3 in college, 1 in high school, 1 in grade school, and 1 reviewing for the bar, plus a mother, a hubby, 3 dogs and 3 kittens to look after. 24/7 (almost) I am in charge of the home, both as a mother and as a co-breadwinner. Awake, almost 24/7, with power naps in between (at this age, okay, I am 51, one can cope with 5-6 hours sleep combined), I see the children come and go.

    When they wake up in the morning, they see me up and about–plant sometimes wet kisses on my face, on my hair, wherever they fancy, share breakfast, sign school memos, share stories (yes, we still manage, as long as they do not talk together) then we say good-bye. The bigger ones, have different class schedules. Hubby also leaves for work. When everyone is off, I have the house all to myself (and yes, my mom).

    And I go on with my work–what is satisfying with my work is that I am able to fulfill my wish of being able to help as many people as possible to have meaningful work and income. I have writers and virtual assistants all over the country–they, too, are my children. The older ones, I call my colleagues and friends.

    In between come the text messages from the kids (and YM/GTalk from those who have their own laptops). Not everyday is as smooth as can be. Of course, there are challenges along the way–raising a large family has its equivalent in terms of money–bills to pay, tuition fees, the basic necessities, food, entertainment, socials, etc., etc.

    When they all start coming home, everyone settles in comfortably–in their rooms, in the living room, then they start going online. In this time of the “Internet and computer age”, I don’t think I can stop them. Yes, we chat (YM, Skype, GTalk) in between, play online games against each other, etc.

    At 6pm, I rush to the church in our village and hear Mass, and thank the good Lord for the wonderful blessings of family and friends. Then dinner.

    What’s more, many of them work for me and their eldest brother (who is my partner at work, and who lives 5 houses away from us). I pay them P100/hour for real work–some do administrative work, transcriptioning, writing, uploading/downloading, etc. We watch TV together, we have our favorite telenovela, currently Tayong Dalawa.

    At the end of the day–we have our most favorite time of the day together. Right before the evening family prayers is the time for family bonding. It’s the favorite time of all the kids, they share their tidbits, joke with each other, even tickle each other. That takes 15-30 minutes before hubby says, let’s pray. This is the real secret in raising family. There is a feeling of fulfillment here compared to the gimmicks the family is into time and again, the movies, dinners outside, staying in 5-star hotels, malling, and the many things that all Filipino families go into.

    How do I maintain a balance? It’s all a matter of strategy, the most important of which is keeping communications open, and of course, making Christ the center of our lives. I was able to raise 7 kids an continue to raise them, as good upright citizens, and loving children of God. Truth is, it seems like raising them is easy compared to my counterparts who have only 1 or 2 kids.

    I also always say, “A happy home is better than a clean house.”

    Soon, down the lane, I will be able to fully realize my Mission Statement:

    mommy, mama, mom, ma—any which way
    mother to 7 wonderful blessings
    a lifetime commitment
    parent, friend, companion, mentor, support
    to mold each child from infancy to adulthood
    to guide and lead each child to become
    an upright citizen and worthy child of God
    to love with utter selflessness
    in all understanding, sympathy, forgiveness
    amidst the challenges of this changing world
    each moment, a pleasure, what joy!
    my cup overflows and I am thankful
    I am but their custodian
    time will come when I will face my Creator
    to humbly say, “mission accomplished!”

  23. Being a call center agent, I would say my day as a mom starts when I go home. My schedule is weird. I’m asleep when my kids are awake, and awake when my kids are asleep. But somehow, we managed. My kids have learned to adapt to my schedule. When other families are asleep during the night, we are at noisiest, just before I go to work. And I go to work at 11pm or 12am. Really really hectic but really really fun! My little Sam would make some last minute demands, my 8 month old Simon wold cry and asked to be pick up first, and my eldest basti would ask for midnight snacks. They would wait for me to go to work, Basti would close the house gates after me, and then my 3 boys would settle down and go to sleep with their Papa. Sometimes, it’s embarassing to the neighbors already, but what can we do? ..After work, I’d go home to screaming boys, excited for their pasalubongs of Nips and Chicaron (such simple joys!). I try to sleep but my boys would play around me and pretend I’m one of their comrades. My house is like a battlezone everyday! It’s hard being a call center mommy. But I’m not compaining! I don’t get enough sleep, but I sure do get a lot of attention!

  24. cecille abadesco

    Wow! Its always been looking forward over the weekend! Its always been a busy day for me because I just gave birth last April 4 and since then, i only sleep 4-5hrs/day! This is coupled with Taking care of a very beautiful 4-yr old daughter who’s very inquisitive, and very active child.

    A normal day for me is waking up in wee hours to feed my one month old son, sleep in about 2 hrs because i need to feed him again… Wake up early to check my husband as he prepare for work then wash clothes of my children around 8am then clean the room and wait for my 4-year old daughter to wake up and prepare her milk, accompany her in taking a bath, eat lunch, watch the moving up graduation dvd of my daughter over and over again, browse the internet, read mails, sleep for about one hour then prepare myself as I wait for my husband to go home.
    Its always been like this since I gave birth.

    its quite hard to adjust considering I am a working mom, nevertheless, no one and nothing can replace the true feeling of raising and giving time to your kids, maximizing the time I am with them because by June, I will be going back to work!

    Stressful yet challenging and happy, I enjoyed being a mom! Looking over the weekends is fun because its daddy’s turn to look after them.

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  26. Too bad I missed this event! I woudl have enjoyed it. Hope to join in next year. Will be regularly check your site for interesting events. Thanks!

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