The #Momtuition Webisodes

We interviewed some of our mom and dad friends to find out if they believe in mom intuition, and interviewed an expert life coach too. Want to know what they think? View our #Momtuition webisodes here:

Jenny Reyes & Kris de Guzman: “Trust your gut.”

Christine Dychiao: “Momtuition is built into our psyche.”

Fleur Sombrero: “Totoo pala ang mother’s intuition.”

Marc Fong: “Momtuition is a powerful thing.”

Jen Tan: “Sometimes we need to quiet down and listen to what’s inside us”

Tim Tayag: “Believe it because moms are always right.”

Coach Pia Acevedo: “When you feel that “kutob”, trust it.”

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See you this weekend!

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