Expo Mom featured exhibitor: Cackleberries


Cackleberries is a company that offers digital edutainment (education and entertainment) through their website that is perfect for kids and even moms out there. They will join at Expo Mom 2013 to take a little tour to the virtual world of Oville.

Cackleberries English Classroom


Cackleberries’ unique virtual world of Oville is the setting of Master Hoobee’s language school. Here, young students will be guided through a creative learning adventure by their friendly owl teacher. They will engage in simple lessons that use cheerful songs and sparkling animation to teach a variety of English vocabulary words and basic sentences.

Their main goal includes the introduction of the English alphabet, recognition and identification of each letter and sound, early vocabulary words and sentences.

Learning doesn’t just happen in Cackleberries’ virtual classroom, it happens everywhere in Oville. After completing their daily lessons in the ESL school, students can explore their entire English- speaking virtual world. Oville provides a real-world immersion experience where children can observe conversations between characters in a natural environment.

They can also read stories and poems, play games, paint pictures, watch videos and send their Cackpal on quests—all in English.


 Amazing Lessons

Amazing Lessons

100 beautifully animated language lessons per year. A full three-year curriculum will bring your child ahead!

Magic Mouth

Magic Mouth

Watch and learn as all the words are carefully pronounced by a human mouth to perfect enunciation.


Exercise Game

Exercise Game

Each Lesson is enforced by three custom designed exercise games to keep the learning fun and fresh.


Review and Rewards

Review and Reward

Weekly and module end reviews to ensure comprehension. We want the learning to stick!


Interactive world of Cackleberries

Cackleberries ESL school’s curriculum is full-immersion and teacher-approved. It features animated and interactive lessons on spelling, reading, oral comprehension, and proper English enunciation.


Visit the Cackleberries at Expo Mom booth numbers 25 & 26. Click here for the floor plan.

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