Expo Mom featured Exhibitor: Dizzy Dress


Get ready for the first & only pretty, twirly, reversible, adjustable, and DIY (decorate-it-yourself) dress!

This kind of dress may just be the one dress that both moms and daughters agree on. No more debates and battles about what to wear. Why? Because Dizzy Dress™ is a PRETTY FUN dress to wear! It’s fashionably reversible, twirly, and DIY so moms and kids will love it!


Dizzy Dress™ is made from stretchy cotton, nylon & rayon spandex; and a range of woven cottons and cotton blends like chiffon organza tulle mesh chaliss batiste muslin voile. Loads of stretch means loads of growing room and fun!

Visit Dizzy Dress at Expo Mom booth number 23. Click here for the floor plan.

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