Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Silly Monkey Clothing

Take a summer fun blast with Silly Monkey Clothing, you will find fun, quirky and unique pieces for your little ones! Silly Monkey Clothing offers handmade products with love and pride. Most of the stuff they’ve been producing are made by hand stitching different modern designs for children.


Doxie Softies

Doxie Softies are well-made hand stitch plush toys that are perfect for toddlers. You can get different kinds of designed plush toys by Silly Monkey, here at Expo Mom.



Necktie Toddler Shirt

You can now let your kids wear this comfortable yet adorable necktie shirt in any occasion.



Sweet Shirred Sundress

What cute little girls need this summer is this comfortable sundress that has lightweight cotton fabric and loose fitting that is perfect for having fun in the sun.




Beanie hats

Kids can wear this during day time and night time. These Beanie hats can help kids during the day by protecting their heads under the sun and help them on cold nights by warming them up. Get this uber-cool, very fashionable and easily customized Beanie hats by Silly Monkey Clothing.



Visit  Silly Monkey Clothing at Expo Mom booth number 35. Click here for the floor plan.



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