Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: R-Trevi

Summer is already here and we always like to be well prepared ahead of time with all of the summer stuff that we’re going to use. Some of us wouldn’t have time to prepare our things and most of us will need unique and cool stuff to make our summer easier and better. Well, the search is over looking for these cool and unique stuff. Come and join us here at Expo Mom and visit the R-Trevi for these cool products for moms, kids, and dads.



The NeolBear 300 MEG Mobile Electronic Guardian

Kids will have a fun and interesting summer with this easy to use cell phone for kids. Parents won’t need to worry, because kids can bring this cute cell phone whenever they are out and playing under the sun.


Tonga French-made Baby Sling Carrier

Dads and moms will surely love this tonga sling carrier for their babies. With its soft, foldable, and stretchable fabric, parents will be happy going out anytime, anywhere with their baby this summer.



Whiz Freedom

A very unique and helpful product for women these days, especially, when going out for a trip this summer.


Brolly Sheet

Always getting worried in drying stuff because of wee problems? Well, Brolly Sheet is the answer for that! Moms need not worry because Brolly Sheet is comfortable, very absorbent, quick to change, and has waterproof qualities that protects your bedding from always getting wet.



Visit R-Trevi at Expo Mom booth number 22. Click here for the floor plan.

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