ExpoMom Goes Online This 2020!

A Brave New Us

Mommy Mundo, the Philippines’ leading resource for parents brings ExpoMom, the longest-running lifestyle event for moms and dads, to the online space this August 29-30, 2020!  For twelve years, moms and dads in every stage of parenthood all over the country have attended ExpoMom for its parenting talks, premier infant and children’s products, and the Mommy Mundo community, which has been here for every mother in her motherhood journey for over two decades! To reach even more moms and provide more support to more families in this transformative time, ExpoMom 2020: A Brave New Us goes online!

The past six months have been one of the most challenging and stressful for many. For parents, perhaps, moreso. Not only did they need to worry after a pandemic, but they also had to start working from home; start homeschooling; and stop seeing their friends, colleagues, and other family members. This called on parents to bravely face these uncharted waters we are all living, an era that has required more connection, but only through digital means. Parents have soldiered on, and it is that courage that Mommy Mundo honours in ExpoMom 2020.

Expo Mom 2020: A Brave New Us

Growing and Becoming Brave Together

Now, from the comfort of their own homes, moms and dads can come together and gather as one online. So much has changed since March 2020, and Mommy Mundo is encouraging moms to bravely embrace the many transformations they have made as one community. You may now purchase tickets for the event, which will be held via a closed group on Facebook.

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Tickets can be bought through www.mommymundo.com/expomom, and each ticket type comes with a conference kit and 2-day pass to all the exciting learning segments and exclusive shopping deals.

Higher value tickets also come with a consumable amount that you can use to support mompreneurs and small businesses that will be showcased in Mommy Mundo’s ecommerce website, Mommy Mundo Shop at www.mommymundo.com/shop.

Gold ticket holders will be treated to added freebies like the popular Journey Box, Mommy Mundo’s best selling planner, Mom 24/7 Planner and free one (1) month access to our upcoming eLearning platform, MM Learns!

Buy a Ticket, Support a Mompreneur

ExpoMom 2020: A Brave New Us will feature insightful discussions led by experts from all over the globe on healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, active parenting, holistic wellness, and mompreneurship, along with exclusive deals brought to you by local mompreneurs and small business owners.

Mommy Mundo has supported mompreneurship since its inception, and now more than ever mompreneurs–greatly affected by the pandemic–need community support.

Every ticket to ExpoMom supports a mompreneur. Tickets range from a Basic Conference Pass to Gold level tickets with premium inclusions, but Bronze to Gold level tickets come with a consumable amount that ExpoMom attendees can use in the Mommy Mundo Shop at www.mommymundo.com/shop.

Mompreneurs and Small Businesses were affected by the pandemic and need community support.That’s why ExpoMom tickets have a consumable amount so we can support them during these uncertain times.

Tickets range from a Basic Conference Pass to Gold level tickets with premium inclusions, but Bronze to Gold level tickets come with a consumable amount that ExpoMom attendees can use in the Mommy Mundo Shop at www.mommymundo.com/shop.

Our Mommy Mundo Online Shop is designed so mompreneurs can better showcase their products in the shopping segments and give exclusive and special deals that will only take place during the conference weekend from August 29-30 and extending the rest of the week until September 4, 2020.

Tickets for Expo Mom Online are available at www.mommymundo.com/expomom

ExpoMom 2020: A Brave New Us is co-presented by Baby Dove and sponsored by Huggies Philippines, Sanofi- Pasteur, PLDT, Promil, and SunLife; with media partners InqPop, Inquirer.net, When in Manila, Our Awesome Planet, The Asian Parent Philippines, and Modern Parenting; and community partners Camp Explore, Kindermusik Philippines, Belle du Jour, and Newlyweds@Work.

Mommy Mundo further innovates the Mom Space with Its new Service Platforms

Mommy Mundo’s passion to be of  service to moms has yet again given birth to new ideas and ways to fill every moms’ need. At this year’s ExpoMom, Mommy Mundo will be launching two major initiatives. The first is its Mommy Mundo Learns (MM Learns) eLearning platform and their new Parent Coach Program.


Founder, Janice Villanueva shares, “After 20 years and more than 200+ on ground learning events we’ve organized, the next step for Mommy Mundo was to maximize the digital space in order to reach even more moms and dads, and not be hampered by location, time, logistics, and resources. With this motivation, we are excited to finally launch a project we’ve been working on since last year, and now made even more relevant by this pandemic. At Expo Mom Online, we introduce to the public, Mommy Mundo Learns, our very own e-learning platform specially designed for moms, dads and kids.”

Mommy Mundo’s standard of quality, offering only expert-based content and modules, will be reflected in this new initiative, with its valued board of experts now utilitizing this platform to offer on-demand access to their premium content, giving the community the opportunity to get the information they need and want anytime and anywhere.  #MMLearns modules will be hinged on Mommy mundo’s 5 advocacy pillars namely healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, active parenting, self-care, and mompreneurship, giving parents localized, relevant learning materials for all stages of parenting.


The second initiative was birthed from Mommy Mundo recognizing the need for scientific based guidance in motherhood and parenting. Along with the prevalence of mental health concerns, and the popularity of both self-awareness and self improvement, Mommy Mundo, through its Community Program director, Kit Malvar Llamas, launches its PARENT COACH program.  With its certified coaches in its roster headed by Kit, Parent Coach will allow moms and dads to book a coach for themselves, or even their kids and their families, through the platform, consult on a variety of parenting concerns, and get help and guidance whenever needed.

As Kit Malvar-Llamas explains: “Our children don’t need control or criticisms. They have their own souls and they are sovereign beings.  They need a coach and a guide!  Who guides us as parents? The world has changed so much.  Just like in businesses, we cannot use yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.  We cannot raise our children today without being able to deconstruct and process the patterns that are dysfunctional and effective in our own lives.   We will just be recreating patterns and passing the pains through generations.  As Daniel Siegel, author of Whole Brain Child and No Drama Discipline said, “ The best predictor of how kids will turn out is directly proportional to their parents level of  self-awareness and understanding on how their own childhood has impacted their own development.  It is not what not what happened to us as parents but how we have made sense of what happened to us that will greatly affect how we relate with our children.   Through coaching, we will be able to find integration through a process of conscious parenting method and live in integrity and with authenticity with and for our children and any other relationships in our lives.  This is the best investment and inheritance we can give to our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.”

More details on Mommy Mundo’s Parent Coach Program coming soon at Expo Mom.

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