Meet the Mommy Matters #Real Moms

A REAL MOM is an authentic, she feels empowered and fearless in making her own choices. She is able to give herself a pat on the back for a job well done, and stands up and dusts it off when she makes mistakes. She knows life is about easy choices and tough decisions but in the end, it’s about what makes her, her kids and her family happy.

MOMMY MATTERS, Nursingwear for Real Moms, salutes all REAL MOMS and asks all to share their real mom stories and statements.

mommy matters real mom

Launching its newest collection, Mommy Matters enlisted the support of four of the most-followed moms in the blog and Twitter world. These are real moms who bare their lives, beliefs and opinions in their own online homes. They live busy and full lives, running their households and businesses, raising their children, all are even currently breastfeeding their babies. Real moms like them need wearable fashion, and the brand they wear celebrates the strength, independence and wisdom of moms of today. Meet the real women who wear the real fashion of Mommy Matters!

mommy matters real mom

mommy matters real mommommy matters real mommommy matters real mom

Share your own #RealMom statement and stories here and tag @MommyMattersph on twitter and @Mommy Matters on Facebook.:)

Meet the Mommy Matters Real Moms Expo Mom 2012 on May 5, Saturday 4pm! You can pre-register for this portion here.

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