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Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Cluebebe

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Cluebebe

Get these comfortable cloth diapers, only here at Expo Mom.

Cluebebe is an Indonesian brand of high premium cloth diapers, made of high quality and carefully selected materials that guarantees durability and comfort for your baby. Compared to disposable diapers, Cluebebe cloth diapers does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm your baby’s skin.



Pocket Cloth Diaper

 This Pocket cloth diaper is made of several layers of fabric such as cotton, hemp, bamboo or microfiber; and can be washed and reused multiple times.


Cover Cloth Diaper

Cover cloth diaper contains a cover and a “stay dry” insert which can be snapped on the cover shell.



Pull-Ups / Training Pants

A highly breathable and a comfortable cloth diaper for potty training your little ones. Reusable, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly, as compared to disposable diapers.



Tutu Diapers

Get this cute and adorable Pocket diapers with tutu design to make your babies look fashionable.


Menstrual Pad

This menstrual pad is washable and reusable. Perfect for eco-friendly gals.


Visit Cluebebe at Expo Mom booth number 7. Click here for the Floorplan.

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Chino Pino

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Chino Pino

Think cloth diapering is for you?

Come and visit Expo Mom on April 6 and 7, and drop by the Chino Pino booth to learn all about cloth diapers!


Chino Pino offers baby wear products that are comfortable and convenient to wear. Their products are made from 100%cotton, durable, highly absorbent, economical and environmental friendly. They also offer reusable cloth diapers, pre-folded cloth diapers, and antimicrobial baby wear products.


Visit Chino Pino at Expo Mom booth number 1. Click here for the Floor plan.

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Coco Royal

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Coco Royal

Tired of the usual soft drinks? Energy drinks? Sweetened fruit juice drinks?

A new taste has come to town just in time to cool off your summer!


Introducing Coco Royal which comes in 6 varieties: Pure Coconut Water, Coconut Water with Aloe Vera, Coconut Water with Water Chestnut for Hydration and Basil Seeds with Honey, Mango Juice and Pineapple Juice for Refreshment. Available at your favorite grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores in April 2013.

Like Coco Royal on facebook and visit their booth number E11  at Expo Mom near the entrance.

Click here for the Expo Mom Floor plan.


Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Natural Origins

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Natural Origins

Natural Origins is a mommy-friendly shop for all your essential needs from diaper bags to cloth diapers to organic food for your baby.


Baby Natura

100% Organic Baby food made from brown rice that has no preservatives, no additives, no soy, no milk,  and gluten free. 100% healthy food for babies 6 months and up



Healthy food snack

Get this Healthy food snack for kids! It’s 100% Organic Freeze Dried Snack for Toddlers.


Character Swimsuit

Get the perfect swimming attire for kids this summer! You can choose different kinds of character swimsuits that are available for 1 to 7 years old.



Diaper Bag

This diaper bag comes with bottle compartments, pacifier pouches, diaper pouch and nappy mat for chic moms out there.

Visit Natural Origins at Expo Mom booth number 47. Click here for the floor plan.

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Nurture Nook

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Nurture Nook


For the Expo Mom, Nurture Nook will offer cool and interesting products for moms out there! They will also offer Mommy Matters products that provide solutions for problems in parenting. Most of their products were created by moms to address problems they have encountered in their parenting journey.
Here are some of the product offerings of Nurture Nook.



Dolldalita is a waldport-inspired handmade doll for your little girls.


 Babiators            Swimways               Indigo Baby Sunblock

Summer Offerings


The heat is on for this summer! Get these cool, fashionable, and sturdy shades for your little ones.



Summer would not be perfect without getting this cute swim gear and toys for you and your kids.


Indigo Baby Sunblock

Get this Indigo Baby Sunblock for a worry-free summer by Nature Sunblock!


Boogie Wipes 

Boogie Wipes is not just your ordinary wet wipes because it is made from natural saline, it’s hypoallergenic and alcohol free. Boogie Wipes is the best solution for  kids who has sore, red, and runny nose.



Eco-friendly Nightgown + Nursingcover + Days of our Lives Journal

This eco-friendly nightgown is made of Bamboo Rayon and Organic Cotton that will be one of your favorite outfits during your pregnancy and breastfeeding time.  It has a thermal regulating feature that keeps you cool during hot days and warm during cooler times.  Breastfeeding is easy in this nightgown.  There are 2 ways to breastfeed, by moving aside the wrap opening or access through empire overlay.  It’s pretty enough to wear as a day dress or bring to the hospital with you.

Another helpful breastfeeding mom accessory is the nursing cover.  Our nursing cover is large enough to cover your baby while nursing or to cover you while pumping.  It also has a peekaboo window to allow you to see your baby while nursing.  It has no wires.

The Days of our Lives Journal is a wonderful gift that you can give to your child when he/she is much older.   It records your thoughts and memories of yourself  and your baby growing up.  It will surely be one of your child’s most favorite keepsake.


Comfy Nursing Shirt + Nursing Cover  

Comfy Nursing shirt is long and stretchy enough to wear while infanticipating all throughout your nursing days. Bundled with their Moomy & Me Nursing Cover for additional coverage or for days you aren’t wearing your nursing shirt.


Belly Blessed Package from Mommy Matters

Wear your pre-pregnancy clothes while still pregnant with the Loveloop and Belly Belt combo.  The Belly belt is a bottom extender that allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy pants or skirts as your belly grows.  Still in an awkward stage, use it with the Loveloop as a belly cover.  You can use a long shirt or tuck it in under the belly cover for a tucked in look or if you’re top is a little too short to hide the belly belt, use the Loveloop as a faux layered look instead.


Visit Nurture Nook at Expo Mom booth number 56 & 57. Click here for the floor plan.