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Visit the Johnson’s Booth at Expo Mom and learn more about your baby’s happy and healthy development!

But wait, there’s more! You can get exclusive promo packs from Johnson’s only at Expo Mom and expectant moms can also avail of free glucose screening!

See you all at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center, we’ll be there from 10am to 10pm, from May 22-24!

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Martina’s Closet

Martina’s Closet

Little girls have the right to look fab. That’s what believe over at Martina’s Closet. Our repertoire includes pretty frocks, summery dresses, trendy separates and easy-wear pieces, all created to indulge your little princesses’ love for fashion. We also have Mom and Me pieces that make dressing up twice as fun. Our signature line includes maxi dresses, caftans and summer-friendly pieces that give a new twist to mother-daughter bonding. Other offerings include funky 100-percent cotton crib sheets and cool baby necessities.
Our holiday collection is now on sale: 30 percent of on cotton dresses and casual separates. Check us out on IG: martinascloset_ph or or visit the Martina’s Closet booth at Expo Mom 2015.


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Here’s a photo of our crib sheets too…


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#MomManifesto Activity #4

My Interest and Goals: Where do you want to go?

As we juggle our laundry list of to-dos and the million and one things creeping up regarding our children, our spouse, our family life, and our home, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves as individuals. Yes, we are mothers forever, but in time, our children will have lives of their own, giving us time to pursue personal interests.

When that time comes, who will you be? What is the identity that you have built for yourself?

Look closely at yourself. Despite Your busy schedule, do you keep a career that you can call your own? Do you have a special interest that puts you on a ‘play’ zone? Do you pursue hobbies and special interests to give you a sense of balance and well-being in the midst of your motherhood duties? Are all your interests and pursuits connected to your goals and what you really want in life?

Recognizing the YOU, the person of the mom, is very important. The seeds you are planting today will help build your identity and well-being.

While motherhood is a big part of your life, it is not actually life itself.

When your children have grown, you will find yourself in the throes of midlife, on what you have made of yourself apart from being a mother. It does not merely mean that you are a success at work and at home, what’s important is that you have used your talents and abilities well and that you have fulfilled your life mission.


Activity 4 – Sample Activity 4 Worksheet


#MomManifesto Activity # 2

Family-of-Origin: Where did you come from?

We all came from a family. Many times, our prototype of being a mom, a wife, and a home manager stems from how we were raised in our own family, our ‘family-of-origin.’ Each has its uniqueness, strengths, and intricacies which may influence how you are now with the family you are raising.

Our goal for this activity is to help you become more aware of how your thought patterns, priorities, values, habits, and parenting style are influenced significantly by how you were.

Activity 2


Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Cluebebe

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Cluebebe

Get these comfortable cloth diapers, only here at Expo Mom.

Cluebebe is an Indonesian brand of high premium cloth diapers, made of high quality and carefully selected materials that guarantees durability and comfort for your baby. Compared to disposable diapers, Cluebebe cloth diapers does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm your baby’s skin.



Pocket Cloth Diaper

 This Pocket cloth diaper is made of several layers of fabric such as cotton, hemp, bamboo or microfiber; and can be washed and reused multiple times.


Cover Cloth Diaper

Cover cloth diaper contains a cover and a “stay dry” insert which can be snapped on the cover shell.



Pull-Ups / Training Pants

A highly breathable and a comfortable cloth diaper for potty training your little ones. Reusable, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly, as compared to disposable diapers.



Tutu Diapers

Get this cute and adorable Pocket diapers with tutu design to make your babies look fashionable.


Menstrual Pad

This menstrual pad is washable and reusable. Perfect for eco-friendly gals.


Visit Cluebebe at Expo Mom booth number 7. Click here for the Floorplan.

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Chino Pino

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Chino Pino

Think cloth diapering is for you?

Come and visit Expo Mom on April 6 and 7, and drop by the Chino Pino booth to learn all about cloth diapers!


Chino Pino offers baby wear products that are comfortable and convenient to wear. Their products are made from 100%cotton, durable, highly absorbent, economical and environmental friendly. They also offer reusable cloth diapers, pre-folded cloth diapers, and antimicrobial baby wear products.


Visit Chino Pino at Expo Mom booth number 1. Click here for the Floor plan.