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Expo Mom Featured Sponsor: Cupcakes by Sonja

Expo Mom Featured Sponsor: Cupcakes by Sonja

Cupcakes by Sonja is the first bakeshop in Manila to specialize exclusively in cupcakes. Designed to stir nostalgia among its visitors, the store’s checkered floors, vintage posters, and pastel-colored wallpapers are veritable visual treats. From its eight original flavors, Cupcakes by Sonja now offers 32 deliciously heavenly creations that cupcake aficionados just cannot get enough of.


It is the first cupcake shop in the country to introduce traditional Southern red velvet cupcakes with the Red Velvet Vixen—a delicious concoction made with Belgian cocoa and topped with cream cheese icing.

Check Cupcakes by Sonja at Expo Mom for their exhibit of customized cakes, cupcakes and other Cupcakes by Sonja goodies. Also, there will be sampling of cupcakes and selling of Cupcakes by Sonja Best Sellers: Vanilla Sunshine, Chocolate Surprise and Red Velvet Vixen.

They will give free cupcakes to the first 100 Mommy Mundo Passport Holders on April 6, 2013. Plus a chance to win assorted cupcakes and coupons for an 8” Customized Cake only here at Expo Mom.

Cupcakes by Sonja will also give 10% discount coupon for liking Cupcakes by Sonja on Facebook and following Cupcakes by Sonja on Twitter.
Come and visit Expo Mom to find more about Cupcakes by Sonja.

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Paquet de Joei

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Paquet de Joei


Paquet de Joei/Mamaway offers a wide variety of stylish collection of clothing consisting of pretty refreshing colors for summer and simple yet elegant pieces for the rainy days. They always select the best fabric, super soft, and toxic free clothes not just for the comfort of the mothers, but for their precious babies as well.
One thing that sets them apart from all the other different maternity clothes, is the fact that its clothing line allows moms to nurse comfortably and still feel stylish.


The Maternity Jeans

The Maternity Jeans is designed to extend the life span of your clothes to any stage of pregnancy.  This Maternity Jeans is a great value for all moms and expectant moms.



Baby Sling

The goal of this baby sling is not only use it as a baby carrier but also to provide a safe and strain-free feeling for moms.

Paquet de Joei will be giving 10% discount for Maternity Botttoms and Mamaway Slings.


Visit Paquet de Joei at Expo Mom booth number 17. Click here for the floor plan.

Expo Mom features Exhibitor: RENUZIT

Expo Mom features Exhibitor: RENUZIT


Renuzit will join Expo Mom 2013 for a more vibrant and more refreshing ambiance for everyone!


Renuzit is a product that helps make our homes smell good. Renuzit shares their interest and passion for enhancing your home. They create products that provide scent and eliminate odors to help you change your home’s environment. The Renuzit modern look and shape can blend in with almost any home decor. Everyone will love the three different scents of Renuzit Aroma products — Raspberry, After the Rain, and Super Odor Neutralizer.


Visit Renuzit at Expo Mom booth number 24. Click here for the floor plan.

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Mustela

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: Mustela


Mustela develops countless innovations in skin care and hygiene products. It aims to create best products in fulfilling the expectations of all moms around the world who deserve the best.


Stelatopia Emollient Cream

Having problems with your skin? Stelatopia Emollient Cream is recommended for those who have atopic skin, atopic dermatitis, and eczema. This cream is made from sunflower oil distillate and it is hypoallergenic, so everyone will have no worries using this. For good results apply twice a day on the face and whole body.


Baby Shampoo

This baby shampoo from Mustela gently cleanses the hair. It respects the delicate balance of the scalp. It is made from chamomile extracts for a cool baby bath.



Foam Shampoo for Newborns

A gentle foam wash for baby’s scalp that encourages the elimination of cradle cap.

98% from natural origins and it is high skin and eyes tolerance for newborns.




Dermo Cleansing Gel for Hair and Body

This product is for bathing of newborns and babies. It protects the hydrolipidic film and scalp.


Mustela will be selling 10% discount on any cash purchase and 5% for card purchases; 48% discount when you avail any value set and gift packs. There will be 20% discount for the following special offers:

A. Any 2 pcs-of-a-kind of the following:

– Cleansing Gel with Cold Cream 200ml
– Foam Shampoo for Newborns 150ml
– Hydrastick 10 grams
– Massage Oil 100ml
– Stelatopia Milky Bath Oil 200ml

– Stelatopia No-Rinse Cleansing Water 400ml

B. Any 3 pcs-of-a-kind of the following:
– Skin Freshener 200ml
– Agua de Colognia 200ml
– Dermo Cleansing 500ml
– Baby Shampoo 500ml
– Hydrabébé Body Lotion 300ml
– Soothing Comfort Balm 40ml
– Stelatopia Emollient Cream 200ml
– Stelatopia Lipid Replenishing Balm 200ml
– Stelatopia Cleansing Cream 200ml
– Stelatria Purifying Recovery Cream 40ml


Also, free Mustela baby bag from France for every 5000 worth of purchases, only here at Expo Mom.


Visit Mustela at Expo Mom booth number 31. Click here for the floor plan.

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: MedelaMoms

Expo Mom Featured Exhibitor: MedelaMoms


Catch MedelaMoms this coming ExpoMom, they will offer lots of Mom products for you!


MedelaMoms provides safe products that work, support and give guidance for breastfeeding moms. MedelaMoms don’t only guide you on how to maximize Medela products best; they are also breastfeeding advocates you can run to for motherly advice and wisdom.



This Single Swing Breast pump will be on sale in the Expo Mom on April 6-7.

For advance order you can contact MedelaMoms in .


Visit MedelaMoms at Expo Mom booth number 59. Click here for the floor plan.

Expo Mom features Exhibitor: Wonderworld

Expo Mom features Exhibitor: Wonderworld


Summer Toys by Wonderworld

This coming Expo Mom, Wonderworld will feature safe and durable summer toys which promote physical activity and endless imagination for children. Their products are made from replantable rubber wood and are finished with non-toxic water based paint.


WONDERWORLD Giraffe Bookrack

Foster a love for reading with your child this summer with a handy Giraffe Bookrack which puts your child’s favorite books in easy reach!



WONDERWORLD Little Garden Set

Children need lots of sunshine and fresh air. Gardening is fun and can help your child nurture a love for nature. Keep them active and engaged in a productive activity as they witness plants growing and feel good when they see the fruits of their labor the help of this Little Garden Set.



AMBI TOYS Fishing Boat

The two boat masts can become two fishing rods to catch the yellow, red and blue fish. Once you have caught them, you can store them in the secret compartment and the boat is ready to sail again.


AMBI TOYS Bubble Fish

Look, listen, feel and pour! Plenty of bath time fun with these three boisterous bath fish. Their bodies suck in water and blow out bubbles, and each soft fin has a different structure.


Visit Wonderworld at Expo Mom booth number 13. Click here for the floor plan.